What help can you give me in a court claim

Court claims can be stressful and cause anxiety. As a result Private Parking Appeals will offer advice and assistance from the moment you contact us to the courtroom door.

However, as we are not a regulated legal business (A firm of solicitors) the help we can provide is legally limited. For example, we can help you prepare a defence, a counterclaim, your witness statement and any evidence, but we cannot sign these documents on your behalf. We can file them with court and send them to the claimant, but we cannot do that on your behalf, only at your request.

The documents we produce are always tailored for your circumstances, and we do not use templates, however, they are only ever a recommendation as to how you should proceed.

And, importantly, we cannot assist you in court, though we may be able to introduce you to a Lay Representative who can.


If all this seems like semantics, we agree. The Parking Company or Debt Collector can appoint any of their staff to act for them in court, yet you cannot appoint, or pay us, to do so. This seems unfair, but this is how the current Civil Procedure Rules are written. Nonetheless, and within the rules, We will support you in every way we legally can to win your case against the Parking Company.


Phone service change

Here are Private Parking Appeals, we like to think that we keep in touch with customer’s requests.


We have previously had complaints about our telephone number being voicemail, when people would rather speak to a real person. As a result, since December 2015, we have had a real person associated with the business, answering calls.

We have had customer comments that they would like to e able to reach us until 9pm. As a result, and after analysing the calls we do receive, we have decided to change the opening hours of our telephone service from 8-8 to 9-9. We are still open for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, but we will have a voicemail service from 21:00 to 09:00.

Please note, however, that you do not need to call us to confirm receipt of your application, or receipt of your payment. Unless your appeal needs to be completed within the next three working days, you will be allocated and contacted by email within that period. We will always prioritise urgent appeals, and all cases are triaged by an experienced call handler before you are allocated to your appeals handler. If we need to hear from you sooner, we will call you directly.


New Payment Systems

Private Parking Appeals is proud to be the only Parking Appeals company in the UK that doesn’t rely on 20th century technology to make payments.

While we can accept cheques, postal orders, Direct Credit Transfers and even cash over the counter at any branch of TSB Bank or the Post Office, we are now able to accept payment by Barclays Pingit.

This doesn’t change our service in any way, it simply makes it more convenient for our customers to apply for our services, and we are very pleased to offer these additional payment methods at this point. We’d like to thank our payment provider for their co-operation and support in offering this alternative to the traditional credit card.

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