Phone Calls to Private Parking Appeals

We are currently receiving a huge number of calls to our Glasgow offices. Telephone has never been our preferred contact method, simply because we cannot see the documents we are assessing or advising on over the phone, and email keeps an audit trail of work done.

Please note that , because of the nature of our business, we cannot do any of the following over the phone:

  1. Take details of your case, or assess your appeal chances
  2. Provide you with the details of your appeal, or respond to letters you have received
  3. Take or make payment for an appeal or refund
  4. Deal with a court claim, or give you legal advice on how to proceed
  5. Put your call through to your appeal-handler


If you cannot get through on the phone, please consider if your query is better dealt with by email. We always respond to emails, and your appeal handler is always the best person to advise and assist you. And if we need to contact you urgently, we will always ask you for a contact number, and call you directly.

If you cannot use email, we will always work with you to assist. But please let us know about this issue in writing, again so we have a record of this on your file.

We apologise to people who can’t get through, and we will always respond to voicemails. However, we will not play “voicemail tag”, so please ensure you leave your name, your reliable contact number and a reference so we know who you are; we are currently handling more than fifty ParkingEye claims against various Mr Smiths.