Bank Holidays? What are they?

As the Festive Season approaches again, I am reminded of our first year of business – we started trading just before Christmas 2014.

We made a decision, right back at the start of business, that we would be open every day of the year, able to handle customer issues and parking tickets on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, New Years Day and all of the lesser Bank Holidays. We chose to do this for a simple reason – we had already seen that the Parking Companies don’t take these holidays.

Last year, I manned the phoned on 25 December, before driving across the way to Dundee to see my family later that afternoon. Despite it being Christmas Day, I dealt with three phone calls from concerned customers. Later on, we received a number of applications from Customers who had either been parked on, or had been issued tickets with a date of, 25 December 2015, including ParkingEye, Smart Parking, Excel Parking, Vehicle Control Services, Highview, Horizon, Athena ANPR and others.

Some of these were windscreen tickets – can you imagine how much you would have to resemble Ebenezer Scrooge to issue a ticket at this time of year?

And so it is again this year – with the Christmas Break encompassing a weekend, there are only three “working days” in the next ten calendar days, and we are open for every calender day. However, unlike me, our case handlers may well be slightly slower to respond to emails, as they are entitled to time off for their families.

We would like to thank you all for your business over the last year, and your patience and co-operation during this season, and wish you all the greetings of the Season, and a happy, and PCN-free New Year.