Have you had a Debt Letter or a Claim from MIL Collections

The Parking Prankster has reported a massive Data Breach involving MIL Collections and a number of parking companies. The DVLA has known about this since at least October 2015.

Private Parking Appeals has an unrivalled success rate in dealing with MIL Claims, and in all but one case our staff and our Advocacy team has successfully had the case thrown out, often with costs against MIL; in some cases we have been able to get the case thrown out even before it reached a courtroom.

As a result, we can claim to be the experts in dealing with MIL Collections.

If you have had a claim made against you by MIL Collections since October 2015, even if you have paid their ridiculous demand, then you may well have a claim against them, and the parking company involved, for a DPA breach.

Please contact us using our Legal enquiry page, and we will be happy to assist you with your claim, not only for the sum you paid MIL but also for up to £750 for the Data Breach. Our charge for this – the same as if we assisting you with the defence of a claim, £49.


Private Parking Appeals – even when you’ve already paid, we are Just the Ticket ™