Rumours of our demise are premature

We have recently had brought to our attention a post on MoneySaving Expert.

This is not, in fact the case, and we continue to trade, supporting customers from their first PCN through to the courtroom door and sometimes beyond.

In the past few weeks, our staff have been involved in well-reported court cases in Blackwood, Clerkenwell, and elsewhere, and we continue to support the British Motorist Protection Association. We are about to submit our second year’s accounts, which will show an increase in turnover of more than 20% year on year, and this despite the judgment in ParkingEye and Beavis.

One of the comments in the thread listed is cogent:

I remain amazed at the number of so-called complainants who seem to believe that running to this forum to bleat is both a reasonable and measured way of solving a simple problem when the effort they expend in doing so would have written several letters to PPA direct.

One has to ask whether all of these individuals were genuinely motivated (in that they have actually suffered poor service) or for whatever reason are far more interested in simply discrediting PPA? Let’s face it, there are plenty of PPC’s who would be glad to see PPA losing business just for starters.

Private Parking Appeals continues to trade, and continues to win cases. Indeed, we have recently acquired the IP of a fourth appeals company, and will soon be rolling out additional services. As ever, however, we do not trade on Social Media or forums, and operators of such services permitting defamatory posts would be well advised to apply more stringent moderation.  Our complaints procedure is fully compliant with the requirements of law, and, although we do receive some complaints, we have never been in a position where a customer has had to refer a complaint to ADR.

We’d also like to thank the moderators of Pepipoo for their support in pointing out that online forums are not the appropriate place for customers to air their complaints, and hope the moderators of MSE will follow suit.

Private Parking Appeals – we do exactly what it says in the name.