The Radioactive Spider Bites Back

The Parking Prankster, as all will know  was bitten by a radioactive spider, and, despite being informed of this when He appealed a Highview ticket on the basis of not being parked then, they refused to cancel until POPLA showed them what for.

Prankster, rightly, considered that, as the ANPR at Yate Shopping Centre regularly appeared in his postbag due to “double dip” errors  where a motorist has visited a site twice, but been charged for a single long visit, it was likely the system was faulty.

As a result, he decided to pursue Highview, for the Data Protection Breach involving his own vehicle, on the basis that they ought to have known that the ANPR was faulty, and had no reasonable grounds to process Pranky’s data.

An LBA was sent, not replied to and a claim was issued, to which Prankster ended up in court on 25 July, with John Wilkie in counsel’s
chair. The other side sent Real Counsel, Neil Berragan

Highview and their counsel introduced themselves before the hearing, and the District Judge made clear at the start that the claim was going to take no more than its allotted time. And it didn’t – both sides dealt with the case in submissions.

And unfortunately, Prankster lost, but did not have any costs awarded against himself or Mr Wilkie due to “unreasonable conduct” – Indeed, The Prankster commented that Mr Wilkie conducted himself as expertly and professionally as the Prankster has, from long experience, expected.

Following the hearing, Russell Corin of Ranger Services for Highview was very amiable to a discussion with Prankster’s party, and it is considered that this involved goodwill and humour on both sides – Prankster is fully aware that most people in the Parking Industry are not bad guys.

All in all an interesting day in court – this Radioactive spider did come back to bite again, giving Mr Wilkie one of his rare losses..