BBC Radio 4 Moneybox, again

John Wilkie, our head of legal, was delighted to be invited back to the BBC Money Box show this weekend, to discuss parking tickets in general, and HX Car Park Management in particular.

HX Car Parking, like most IPC companies, doesn’t comply with Keeper Liability and seeks the most flimsy of excuses to charge customers, who pay for parking, up to £100 for made-up infringements of the terms and conditions, when often the reason for the breach is their own actions. For example, you have to but a ticket within 10 minutes of ENTERING the car park, not within 10 minutes of Parking…

But, more importantly, the standard HX Car Park Management contract doesn’t allow the use of ANPR, only patrols, and also doesn’t allow them to seek keeper details from the DVLA, only to issue charges to Drivers.

We have made the decision that if Becky, the aggrieved motorist from today’s programme, wishes to pursue this matter further, we will support her going forward, at no cost.

In the meantime, our court record against IPC companies speaks for itself – we have not lost a claim involving an IPC member company in the last 18 months.


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