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Our team are all experienced in dealing with private parking appeals and court claims from private parking companies, and can boast a success rate close to 100%, both at first appeal, POPLA appeal and in court.

We all have a track record on various consumer forums and can help you appeal your parking fine online. But if you want to do your own research and conduct your own case, there are free resources available, please read below for links and more information.

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How to appeal a parking penalty

There are a number of online guides that will help show you how to appeal your parking penalty if you decide to go down the DIY route.

Below are a few links that will help you get started to appeal your parking fine:

 Pepipoo Fightback Forums – Private Parking tickets and clamping

Much like the Money Saving Expert forum, the Pepipoo Fightback Forum offer many aids in supporting you to fight your case. Have you received a private parking fine in a specific location and have a question? Then ask away, the forum is quite active and you may get a reply from someone that has already been in your exact position.

Visit the Pepipoo Fightback forum

Parking Cowboys

Parking Cowboys is a site that was set up to educate the public on Private Parking fines and what rights you have to appeal against their services. The site contains a lot of valuable information that’s worth a visit and also includes a blog that is updated regularly to keep you on top of the industry news.

Visit the Parking Cowboys website

Parking Prankster

On a similar level to Parking Cowboys, Parking Prankster provides valuable information and experience on how to appeal your parking fine. The site offers a nice and simple guide on different forms of parking fines such as windscreen tickets, ticket through the post, letter before action etc.

Visit the Parking Prankster website

Money Saving Expert Parking tickets forum


Private Parking Appeals is unable to endorse MoneySavingExpert’s forums, due to their continued failure to take action against individuals utilising their forum to attack genuine posters. Please see our blog post about this matter

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