Calls to Private Parking Appeals

Here at Private Parking Appeals, our staff work hard to appeal your private parking ticket, whether this is at a first appeal, at POPLA, at court or by other means. As a result, we are always very busy, and our case handlers are not able to answer calls.

We have previously had complaints about our telephone number always falling to voicemail, when people would rather speak to a real person. And since December 2015, we have had staff directly associated with the business, answering calls. As of 2 April 2018, we have now increased this team threefold to deal with the increase of calls we are receiving.

Needless to say that even with this increase, some calls are not able to be picked up, and will be going to our answerphone. Currently a little over 1/3 of our calls cannot be connected to an operator in time, and we are taking further steps to reduce this, with interviews for new staff this week. Our lines are open from 9am to 9pm every single day of the year, so please consider calling outside traditonal “Business Hours” or at the weekend, to ensure you get connected.

However, we’d like to remind customers that the staff on the telephone cannot do any of the following over the phone:

  1. Take details of your case, or assess your appeal chances
  2. Provide you with the details of your appeal, or respond to letters you have received
  3. Take or make payment for an appeal or refund
  4. Deal with a court claim, or give you legal advice on how to proceed
  5. Put your call through to your appeal-handler


We always respond to emails, and your appeal handler is always the best person to advise and assist you. And if we need to contact you urgently, we will always ask you for a contact number, and call you directly.

Please note that all calls made to, from or by Private Parking Appeals are recorded for training and legal purposes.