Happy Birthday to Us

How appropriate that the news of a Royal Engagement came as we celebrated our third birthday…

Private Parking Appeals was formed by six friends online – having seen the impact of the Protection of Freedoms Act on consumers, and having been involved in a number of forums, they collected together and formed a business intending initially to just deal with appeals at the first and second stage of the process, that is with BPA parking companies and POPLA.

Of the original six, only two remain with the business now, and honourable mention goes to Angus Gill, our founding Secretary, who now operates the BMPA website and David Carrod our founding chairman and CEO, who took the time to complete an Open University degree, win more than 75% of court cases he was involved in, and move onward to his own business, Small Claims Advisor.  Additionally, the business could not have got to where it is without the initial support of Bob Jameson, and his directorial replacement, Mark McAlear.

In it’s first year, having launched on a shoestring, the company achieved turnover of £48,000, increasing this to £56,000 in 2016. Invited to join the British Parking Association, we made this beneficial move last year. We have taken over a number of our competitors, expanded our staff and our services, and successfully navigated the seas of three years in business.

We have also been supported throughout by both Parking Cowboys and the Parking Prankster, and have plans to grow and develop our business both into consultancy for landowners to extricate themselves from abusive and restrictive parking contracts, and also to seek to “write off” older tickets to prevent customer being pursued for 6 years (or more) over tickets that may never have been valid in any case. News on this in the New Year.

So, happy birthday to us, and may there be many more.