Key Worker discount

We welcome the decision of the BPA to instruct its members not to issue PCN’s to NHS staff and to cancel any tickets issued since 20 March 2020, and we look forward to the IPC following suit.

If you are a keyworker, such as NHS or emergency services staff, a registered Carer, a teacher, HGV Delivery driver, Social Worker, Magistrate or Judge, or listed on the BBC Website as being a Key worker in this time of crisis, and you get a Parking ticket  between now and 20 September 2020 that is NOT covered by the BPA’s decision, we will offer you a 10% discount on our usual service fees to deal with the matter for you.

Just complete our appeal form as normal, then at the payment screen, enter discount code  DZM8P99W for your automatic 10% discount.

Please also provide us with proof of your keyworker status, such as photo ID from your employer or similar; we will be performing random checks.