Mail Handling

PLEASE do not send us “recorded delivery” or “signed for” post.

Private Parking Appeals operates three mail handling centres in the UK, one in Glasgow, on in Hampshire, and one, dedicated to legal matters, in Bristol.

When you post a letter to us, just because you have put Glasgow, or Bristol on the letter does not mean it will be delivered to, or be handled there. We have arrangements for mail handling that involve all items being scanned into our systems, then the original paper is shredded for security and recycled. This is in line with our company policy statements.

However, if an item is sent to an address using a “signed for” mail product, this MUST be delivered to the address shown on the envelope. As a result, a Signed For item may not be received by us for up to a week after posting, since we have to make arrangements for someone to be in the mail handling centre at the exact time the mail arrives, ready to sign for it, even if that person was not scheduled to work from that location that day. This means that often a card is left, although sometimes a card is NOT left, so we have no idea that the item is waiting for us.

For that reason, this means that “signed for” mail is NOT the best way of making sure we receive something. The best and most reliable way to make sure we receive your documents is by scanning them to PDF and emailing them to us, or by faxing the originals to us. You SHOULD NOT send us original documents by post, and especially not original Disabled badges etc. As used to be said on BBC’s “Take Hart” we cannot return originals to you.

Finally, please do not send documents to us that are not intended for us. We are not the parking company, the local council ticket appeals office, or POPLA, and any mail received which is not about an ongoing appeal that you have paid for will not be forwarded, acknowledged or returned.