MIL Collections fail to pay their debts – again, instead attack PPA – again.

It appears that the less-reputable side of the Parking Industry, and particularly our good friends MIL Collections, is yet again seeking to attack Private Parking Appeals, this time by focussing on the bona-fides of John Wilkie.

As reported by Cornwall Online, and the Parking Prankster, our Head of Legal clashed with MIL Collections Head of Legal in court recently, and partly because of Mr Wilkie’s “astute and persistent questioning” the judge found against MIL Collections to the tune of £750 to be paid by 24 April, an order which had not, as of 2 May 2018, been settled. MIL are well known for not paying court orders.

Update – following a threat of enforcement, this was paid at 11:15 on 3 May 2018, a full 10 days late.

Additionally, the DVLA has confirmed that MIL Collections are not entitled to pursue parking charges.

Has this stopped MIL Collections in their tracks. Of course not. We have had sight of correspondence which accuses the journalists involved in reporting the previous case of lying, and states that the reason for the win was nothing to do with MIL’s conduct, and everything to do with a Flipped Ticket.

This is the same MIL Collections who have lost over 35 court cases, and only won one claim where John Wilkie was involved, and that only because the judge made a finding of fact on another matter. In the meantime, we have had numerous claims either struck out or discontinued due to MIL discovering our involvement in the claim. Even the advocates they send to court admit that MIL lose most of their cases

This is the same MIL Collections who have tried, a number of times, to have Private Parking Appeals directors thrown out of court, instead to find that our staff are acting entirely legally, and it is MIL who have used advocates from Elms Legal without right of audience, again, and again, and again.

This is the same MIL Collections who imply that Private Parking Appeals is breaking the law by providing legal services, yet has never made any report of criminality, instead relying on snide innuendo on its website about SRA regulated companies and accusing people who criticise them of being dishonest and trolling.

This is the same MIL Collections who continue to consort with a known criminal, making allegations about PPA staff and directors, but only in private, never having the courage of their convictions in court or public.

Just a few days ago, Coupon-Mad on Money Saving expert pointed out that the parking companies, and their debt collectors, employ a number of unsavoury individuals. One of these is Christopher Barrett of MIL, who used false statements and letters, had no evidence to support MIL’s claim, and was found to be entirely unreasonable in his conduct of the claim. Essentially he was prepared to lie on the stand and had it not been for the cross-examination by Mr Wilkie, he would have got away with doing so.

Mr Wilkie is more than happy to assist with an MIL claim by providing defence advocacy services anywhere in England and Wales. While he does not charge for representing any individuals, he does ask that his expenses for attendance are paid. Mr Wilkie is legally entitled to provide his services under Schedule 3, paragraph 1(3) of the Legal Services Act 2007, but the right of audience of any MIL representative should always be challenged in court.

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MIL are known to illegally purchase disputed debts from Llawnroc Parking Services, Parking Awareness Services, Local Car Park Management, Norwich Traffic Control, Car Park Management Services, North West Parking Enforcement, New World Facilities Essex and other smaller firms.