Private Parking Appeals and MoneySavingExpert

Private Parking Appeals started when six friends from the Forums decided to offer our help and expertise outside those limited discussions, and offer a service to the wider public.

As it says elsewhere in this website, everything we do, it is possible for an individual to do for themselves with resources that are freely available on sites like pepipoo, the BMPA, the Consumer Action Group. Legal Beagles and similar. And we have continued to offer our support and help to members of these forums, often taking on important cases without charge for the benefit of consumers in general. Indeed our court guides are freely available via the BMPA and similar.

Unfortunately, some web forums cannot accept this. MoneySavingExpert (MSE) is a case in point.

During 2014 and 2015, an operator of another Parking Appeals Company pursued one of our contractors in a very unpleasant manner. This was reported by the Parking Prankster after the person concerned was convicted of stalking. The stalking has not, unfortunately, stopped, and further action is likely. However, during this period, the stalker was utilising the MSE forums to pursue his vendetta.

When the victim complained of this, and finally snapped, MSE, rather than banning the stalker, instead banned the victim. This left the stalker free to carry on smearing the victim across the MSE forums. The victim has also stated openly that MSE failed to assist the police with their investigations.

Our own Head of Legal, John Wilkie, was also banned from the MSE forums, with no explanation, prior to ParkEx last year. And now, our CEO, Carol Sole, has also been banned, apparently for self-promotion, while MSE is still allowing the stalker to continue his vendetta, this time against our business. For a site which apparently prides itself on its independence, this is unacceptable conduct.

As the six of us who started this business initially met on MSE, this is a sad day for Private Parking Appeals, as we now feel we can no longer, in good faith, endorse MSE as a useful and helpful forum for people wanting to fight Private Parking Charges. Accordingly, we have now removed the MSE link from our resources.


We have been contacted by Lynne Reeves, the former Company Secretary, about this blog. For the avoidance of doubt, therefore, PPA wishes to make it clear that Ms Reeves has not been associated with the company since her termination as Company Secretary, by unanimous vote of the board, on 28 November 2015. This blog does not represent Ms Reeves views.