We are all concerned about the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the UK population, and we are aware of a number of people who are taking steps to reduce their exposure to the condition.

PPA Staff work from home in the majority of cases, and attend our office in Basingstoke infrequently. As a result, even in the event of your case handler being under isolation, this will not affect their ability to continue to support you in your appeal. However, and until the Lockdown period ends, we will not be processing ANY mail sent to our offices, and this will be bagged and retained until the end of the Lockdown period.

You should ideally be sending documents to us as PDF by email in any case. Documents prepared for you by us, and posted out will, for the most part, have been electronically printed and sent from our mail fulfilment centre in Kent, and as such will not be touched outside the Royal Mail delivery process.

During this period, we will also not be accepting any deliveries which require signatures, and any such items will not be collected and will be returned undelivered.

If you have a court hearing within the next 3 weeks, we recommend that you contact the court before the hearing to confirm that the court is open and that the hearing is taking place at least 7 days before the hearing. If you show any of the symptoms, notify the court at that stage, and ask for the matter to be re-scheduled.

Given the current medical advice and movement restrictions, our Lay Advocates will NOT be available to attend court with you until further notice. If the court is able to arrange video-conferencing or telephone conferencing, then we are more than willing to seek to take part on your behalf. In any case, we expect all parking related cases to be adjourned for at least three months.

During this uncertainty, we expect that the number of Parking Tickets issued by parking companies will be reduced, and as a result, we are already seeing companies rolling back to old tickets, in some cases going back a full 5-6 years; we are in a position to assist with these no matter how much the parking company or Debt Collector says is owed, and no matter how threatening their correspondence is. Just fill in our appeal form, and we will start working for your immediately.