Thank you for your payment

Thank you for your payment, your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you.

We aim to respond to all appeals within 5 working days (Monday to Friday) however at peak times this may take a little longer. To assist us please ensure that you have attached your parking charge notice. Please note we do not routinely phone customers, and telephoning to enquire if your form has been received is not necessary and will only cause delays – you will be contacted by your appeals handler or our admin team.

Please ensure that you keep all paperwork relating to the incident readily available. You should be aware that there is no “discounted” period if you appeal your PCN, and as such the 14 day “discount” period is not relevant. We will not seek to prioritize an appeal to reach the parking company within the 14 day period, and you should be aware that most companies will try to coerce you into paying the “reduced” amount by bombarding you with further correspondence.


Important notice to Customers: We have had a number of instances where the name of the person making payment is different from the person who completed the form.

As we currently don’t possess a crystal ball, this means we can’t reconcile the form with the payment, and this means the case sits in the pending file with nothing being progressed.

So if a different person made the payment and a message wasn’t left on the payment, please email and let us know.