Making Friends and Influencing People

Private Parking Appeals has always considered itself to have the same aim as the British Parking Association – to improve standards in private parking.

While we do this in different ways, we do share the view that there must be one Code of Practice, one enforcing body, one consistent appeals process and a single Independent Appeals Service. We also feel that each time we are able to have a ticket cancelled, this demonstrates non-compliance by the company, and this needs to be resolved by the company, not simply brushed under the carpet.

Many parking companies have a good relationship with us – which is not to say that we are in their pocket or they in ours. Our correspondence about parking charges and appeals is often robust to the point of offence, but when it comes to the relationships between the people involved, we can sit and discuss things as professionals and without rancour, for the most part.

It is pleasing to confirm that this professional courtesy also extends, for the most part, to the Solicitors and Representatives our Lay Representatives meet at court. However, as with any industry, there are a few who are entirely unprofessional in their dealings with us. Private Parking Appeals does not intend to Name and Shame these companies, and individuals, however, if you were to follow the Parking Prankster blog, it would not be difficult for you to draw your own conclusions.

As a result both of the professionalism of the majority, and the conduct of the minority, Private Parking Appeals has therefore decided to apply for membership of the BPA. This will provide us with further respect within the industry, and essentially a louder voice – think of it as joining a union. To coin a phrase, it is better to be inside the tent…

On a final point, however, referring again to those who are less professional, please note that all telephone calls made to, from or by Private Parking Appeals may be recorded for audit and legal purposes and relied upon in court.