General Data Protection Regulations

As a result of the GDPR, we have made some minor changes to our terms and conditions. These identify the basis for our processing your data. These changes do not have any effect on the day to day service we provide and merely clarify your and our mutual rights and obligations.

We process our customers data under three lawful bases:

  1. Contract. We process your data under our terms and conditions for the contracted service so that we can contact you, appeal your ticket, and further assist you up to and including defending legal proceedings
  2. Legitimate Interest. We process your data for our own records including accounts and tax reasons, and to fulfil the legitimate interest of our business, such as Feedback, Marketing and protecting/enhancing our reputation.
  3. Legal Obligations. We process your data to assist us in supporting you in complying with your legal obligations, and to ensure that we can pursue, or defend, legal proceedings if required. We also process your data for our own records including accounts and tax reasons.


Because we have identified lawful bases for processing customer data, we do not need to seek customer consent, however, our application form includes a consent clause so that we can identify to third parties that we are lawfully entitled to require them to process your data in a specific way, such as dealing with our appeal to them, or pursuing complaints etc on your behalf. Most companies require us to supply explicit authority for these actions.


Our Data Protection Officer is John Wilkie. He will be continuing in this role for the foreseeable future.


If you have any concerns about our GDPR statement, our Lawful Basis for processing data, or our privacy policy, please contact us.