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I wasn’t aware of the service station’s two hour limit – my wife and I simply stayed until we felt rested enough to continue. The first we knew that we’d even overstayed was a PCN a fortnight later. I was furious at what amounted to blackmail and came across Private Parking Appeals Ltd from doing some online research. I have to admit to feeling sceptical at first but thought I would at least try them out. I realised there was no need for any concern as their reassuring initial email set the tone for what was a very straightforward case; it wasn’t long before I received a letter from the parking company saying my PCN had been cancelled. A mere £18 well spent, I’d much rather fund a company working for good than one who exploits whoever they can get away with.


I cannot thank you enough!!!!! This is fantastic news! What a brilliant service you provide! I am absolutely over the moon. Very very many thanks and best wishes.

Great Barford

That’s absolutely brilliant news and thank you so much for your help and efficient service. The PCN from ParkingEye felt so unfair, and I really wanted to challenge them, but was not sure of how I could go about it. So I really  appreciate what you have done on my behalf.
Once again, many thanks.


I am delighted to inform you that I have received a letter from Excel cancelling the notice! ‘Following a review of the points you have raised we have decided to cancel the Notice. Our records are now closed.’ Excellent news. I thank you for your service, a great investment!


Just a quick note to thank you and colleagues for your help. I received an email from ParkingEye today saying that the charges has been cancelled. Happy days! Thanks again!


Whatever you did worked! Many thanks again for your help with this – you provided excellent service and I shall certainly be recommending you to my friends and family should they happen to receive one of these unfair parking charge notices in future.

Walton on Thames

I’ve just received confirmation from Parking Eye today that they have cancelled the parking charge!  I’m not sure what you sent them – but it certainly worked! Thank you so much. Brilliant!


Thank you so much for your efficiency  and for resolving something which should never have happened in the first place. I look forward to hearing the outcome of the BPA investigation. I will recommend you big time to others in a similar situation.


It went well – we won the case. The Judge laid into ParkingEye’s solicitor and basically said that we had complied with the requirements of the signage. The solicitor representing ParkingEye tried to say that Maplin had no authority to cancel the fine or grant extra time and that we should have made the request to the land owner, to which the Judge actually laughed out loud. Anyway, very happy with the result…Thanks for your help.


I have just received a letter informing me that the charge has been cancelled. Thank you thank you thank you a million times as this money can buy me (a pensioner) food for a whole week.

Stoke Newington

Thank you very much for your help with this – we can’t believe how quickly it was cancelled! Luckily we had seen reports on various television programmes about these companies so when the ticket came through decided to do a bit of research.  There were some sample letters on different web sites but to be honest, I didn’t really understand them which is why we decided to use your company, who charges a very reasonable price. I would certainly recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.


A result many thanks! … I wasn’t aware that I could do this. Most people just settle and pay the fine and that’s what these companies expect us to do.


Thank you so much for your help with my fine. l have received an Email today from Parking Eye cancelling it .Your help took all the stress out of my appeal, without your help I would have probably just paid the 45 pounds to make it go away. Once again thank you, and if I hear of any one else in the same predicament as myself I will recommend them to you.


Can I just say I’m astounded at your company’s service and professionalism and I cannot thank you enough for your help with this. I will not hesitate to give the highest recommendation for your service possible. My utmost gratitude.


Wow! That reads as John Grisham!


People like you should be knighted


Wow! That is BRILLIANT!!! Thank you so much!! I have sent it straight off and will wait to hear what happens next.


You wizard, you did it again… you are incredible when it comes to court.


I won at POPLA, and all thanks to your support.


Thank you very much for your support with this. can confirm I have received my costs.


Thank you and David for your excellent assistance in this matter.


John, Thanks for your assistance today.

I Look forward to the posting on the parking prankster blog so that our relevant threads on other forums can direct folk to the blog.

Mr M.C. Lincolnshire

A personal thank you to John Wilkie and David Carrod and the rest of the staff. A brilliant service from start to finish. My case was going all the  way to the small claims court and you guys had my back every step of the way. I'm almost sorry the hearing didn't go ahead as it would have been great to actually meet you in person and see you in action. I can't thank you guys enough!


Mr P.S. Essex

“Thank you so much for everything we certainly couldn’t have got through that without you. If you need any feedback for your website more than happy to do so. I’m still on a high this morning! My brother got a ticket in our space last night- we laughed! He cannot wait to appeal and speak to them about their contract.” – Ms J.L

“I second that, thank you from me for everything you did David.” – Mr C.W.

“And a third thank you from me! I'm incredibly grateful for all your help, hopefully now we can get some positive change out of this. I looked up our barrister from yesterday - he was part of the team working for ParkingEye in the Supreme Court so he's quite a scalp! Thanks again.” – Mr C.B. All of High Wycombe

I received a letter from Parking Eye to say that the charges have been waived and there will be no further action.

Thank you for your efforts in this matter. A clear demonstration of the advantages of using people who have experience and knowledge of the process.

A friend who got caught the same day as me who appealed by herself has not been successful in her appeals Thank you for all your help - money well spent Regards

Mr T.F. Notts.

I stumbled across 'Private Parking Appeals' whilst trying to research the minefield of how to avoid paying a 'RIP OFF' parking charge by UKPC (UK Parking Control) & McDonald's. I wasn't sure but gave Private Parking Appeals Ltd a go...

...I can honestly say, this is the best decision I have ever made, £19 well spent and John my appeals handler, kept me informed all the way through the appeal. I finally receiving an email which stated "UKPC have folded and you don't have to pay them a penny." RESULT! Thank you John, thank you Private Parking Appeals Ltd.

Mr P.F. Sheffield

Just would like to thank John Wilkie and the rest of the team, highly recommended and very knowledgeable.

I took the old advice and ignored all correspondence from the parking company until one day a county court claim landed on my lap. After much looking around on the internet for help I came across Private Parking Appeals, gladly they accepted to help me out with a defence for the claim.

On the day I attended court with John and with great knowledge the claim was thrown out. Again just would like to thank John and the team and fully appreciate all the help and highly recommended.


Hi John, I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday, you were fantastic and I couldn't have done it without you. I hope you enjoyed your spare time in sunny Stockport.  Thanks again


Hi John/Carol

I just wanted to email and let you know how happy I am with the result of my case. Carol; John completely out maneuvered the claimant and he walked out holding his tail.

It took John just 7 minutes to get the case withdrawn and I wished I could have recorded it as it would have been a classic viewing.

I hope you guys have a lovely Christmas and have a drink on me.

All the best guys and I hope I don't need to use your services again... lol but if family and friends get stuck I know where to point them to get help

Mr S.A, Slough 

Just to say a big thankyou for handling my Parking Eye appeal. I heard from
them at the weekend to say the fine had been cancelled. tbh, I did almost
cave in when they sent more persistent letters asking for more cash, but
John encouraged me to hold my nerve.

Just goes to show these sharks prey on people's fear that if they don't pay
then they'll be in court - I expect most people just pay to stop the worry.

Anyway, thanks again - fab result & great value for £19.

Thank you for your amazing service for all people like myself!

These parking companies rely on fear and that most people can't be bothered
or don't have the time to pursue these unfair penalty tickets when the
parking had been paid for whatever mistakes on those blessed ticket

I was particularly impressed with John Glacier, who even returned my email
messages quite late into a Sunday.

It was the principle of the whole fiasco that Indigo tried to charge me and
increase the payments. I had all the proof with the Recorded Postage of
original letter sent in time plus proof of payment taken out on the day of
parking that I made time to further this inquiry !

Once again, many thanks.


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